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Child & Infant First Aid 

Learn the skills required to help a child or infant in an emergency with a qualified instructor, child birth educator and mum. Our child and infant first aid workshops are perfect for anyone who may be responsible for little people.

Choose from 2 options that will best suit your needs:

In association with Birthcare Parnell, this 2 hour workshop will teach you the basic skills required to help a child or infant in an emergency. Content includes: Basic life support, how to manage a child that is choking, suffering a severe allergic reaction, fever and an overview of prevention and care for Burns, Poisoning, Fractures & Bleeding.

Child and Infant First Aid Awareness


Comprehensive First Aid for Children and Infants

In association with Belly Birth then Baby NZ, this 4 hour workshop will give you the confidence to provide life saving interventions ahead of emergency services arriving.
You will learn how to identify and manage serious illness & medical emergencies in a child or infant.

Course Content:

  • Basic Life Support including the use of an AED

  • Choking

  • Community Management of Anaphylaxis

  • Burns

  • Fractures, Soft Tissue Injury & Dislocations

  • Bleeding & Shock


  • Poisoning

  • Breathing difficulties - Asthma

  • Diabetes

  • Head Injuries

  • Heat/Cold injury

  • Fever & Fainting

Next Course:

19th May 2024 - St Lukes

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