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First Aid Training

Learn basic life support and first aid techniques that focus on preserving life and minimising serious injury by maintaining circulation, stemming blood flow and immobilising broken bones and soft tissue injuries. Besides saving lives, first-aid treatment is important in preventing further complications from injury and pain, and in promoting recovery.

Basic First Aid  6hrs - Learn the essentials to help someone in need ahead of emergency services arriving

Foundation First Aid  8hrs - Complete this training to gain NZQA Unit Standards 6401 & 6402

New Zealand First Aid 12hrs - Complete this training to gain NZQA Unit Standards 6401, 6402 & 6400. Two timing formats available Day 1 = 8hrs, Day 2 = 4hrs OR Both days 6hrs.

Comprehensive First Aid 14hrs - Combining New Zealand First Aid with Immediate Responder CPR certification suitable for those entering the Pharmacy profession or operate rurally where the appropriate airway management equipment is available.   


Some workplaces have greater risks of injury and illness because of the sort of work they do.

We can provide in-house first aid courses to train your staff as competent first responders to common emergency situations. 
Your staff will enjoy the experience of working together in familiar surroundings to gain the skills that are relevant to their workspace. 

Use this on-site workplace first aid enquiry form to help us understand your requirements better.

There is the opportunity to tailor the course modules, if required, to suit injuries and emergencies common to your workplace.

You don't need to be a Doctor to save a life

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