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All of New Zealand is operating within the Orange phase of the traffic light system with the exception of Northland operating in Red. Under the protection frame work we are required by the government and our venues to confirm each course participants vaccination status.

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Immediate Responder CPR Training

Professional Resuscitation Services is the leader of CPR Training in New Zealand.

Our informative and interactive courses are accredited and aligned to the New Zealand Resuscitation Council guidelines.

Basic Life Support level 2/3 suitable for receptionists, shop keepers and community bystanders including the use of an AED and basic management of choking.

Level 4 CPR Training for Vaccinators, Pharmacists, Nurses, Dentists not administering sedation and Midwives. Approved by IMAC, NZDA & New Zealand Midwifery Council.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Level 5-7 CPR for General Practitioners and Health Professionals, Dentists administering sedation and Nurses working rurally or in A&E.
With the addition of assessed skill stations, this course is suitable for Doctors who are obtaining
Our Advanced Responder course is accredited by the RNZCGP and NZDA.

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Advanced Responder:

CPR Skills:

Immediate Responder:


Professional Resuscitation Services (PRS) offers the New Zealand Resuscitation Council CORE Advanced courses.

In-House Workplace First Aid

Workplace First Aid

Some workplaces have greater risks of injury and illness because of the sort of work they do.
We provide in-house workplace first aid courses to train your staff as competent first responders to common emergency situations.

Perfect for low risk workplaces, Community groups,
Play Centre, ECE & Kōhanga Reo. We teach basic life support and first aid techniques that focus on preserving life and minimising serious injury by maintaining circulation, stemming blood flow and immobilising broken bones and soft tissue injuries.
Besides saving lives, first-aid treatment is important in preventing further complications from injury and pain, and in promoting recovery.
Your staff will enjoy the experience of working together in familiar surroundings to gain the skills that are relevant to their workspace.
NZQA assessment for unit standards 6401 & 6402 available.

Read more about what is covered in our Workplace First Aid courses.


PRS is registered as an NZQA Private Training Establishment under the provisions of the Education Act 1989.

Workplace specific scenario training

Scenario Training

Whether you need a re-cap of an actual emergency situation that happened in your workplace or want to set up a realistic mock emergency to assess the reactions and abilities of your employees - we can tailor scenarios specifically for you.
Immerse your team in real-world scenarios to help them improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and allow them to apply manual skills in a safe learning environment. 
Through scenarios, employees can explore consequences and see the impact of their decisions at work. 
Our instructors will watch their response, audit their reactions and provide feedback showing them what they need to improve on and how they should handle similar situations in the future.
More information is available in our
course catalogue


 Someone's life maybe in your hands.
Put your CPR training in ours.

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